Indulge in Beauty Renewal, a delectable 3-in-1 probiotic concentrate renowned for its ability to influence skin health by restoring a diverse, stable gut microbiome, resulting in deeply nourished and hydrated skin. Paired with Miracle Collagen, clinically proven to stimulate collagen production in the skin, this duo offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing your natural beauty from the inside out.

Elevate your Mother’s Day gifting with our limited edition bundle, wrapped in exclusive Gold Tissue Paper with unique designs by local Byron artist AnjunaHartlieb.

This special bundle includes:

1 x 500ml Beauty Renewal

1 x 100g Miracle Collagen

Working directly with the powerful gut/skin axis, Miracle Collagen and Beauty Renewal create an active synergy that’s clinically shown to rebuild the integrity of plump healthy skin, stronger hair and nails and optimal gut health.

Combining the clinical power of multi-strain probiotics with the soft cell supporting and regenerating power of bioactive amino acids from collagen peptides, the Skin & Gut bundle activates healthy skin and gut health in three ways:

  • Beauty Renewal replenishes a diverse microbial balance, enhanced cellular turnover, and nutrient-rich hydration with powerful probiotics and deeply hydrating nutrients
  • Bioactive hydrolysed collagen peptides stimulate natural collagen and elastin synthesis clinically shown to rebuild skin’s internal structures from the inside-out for lifted, plump, vibrant skin
  • Acting on the soft-cell matrix, Miracle Collagen also restores gut health integrity

Bioactive Collagen Peptides
Collagen peptides with the highly absorbable molecular weight of 2kDA for increased bio-availability

Bio-fermented coconut water
Eight multi-strain probiotics restore microbial balance and healthy diversity of bacteria while naturally occurring electrolytes, antioxidants, and hydrating nutrients saturate cells in hydration

Multi-strain Probiotics
Eight strains of naturally fermented probiotics to restore microbial balance and diversity with 6 billion bio-fermented probiotics per serving

Naturally Occurring Antioxidants
Featuring antioxidant-rich elderberry extract, pomegranate extract and grapeseed extract, these are known to reduce free radicals in the body

Made in Australia