CALM/SLEEP is our newest formula, clinically formulated by our team of scientists and shown to help ease sleeplessness, may aid in the support of anxiety and take the edge off daily stress.

Standout Actives
Elemental Magnesium (Mg): Magnesium Citrate and Glycinate work synergistically to recalibrate sleep, stress, anxiety, mood, muscle tension, and digestion, impacting hundreds of physiological functions.
Ashwagandha Withania Somnifera: A potent adaptogen used for stress management, immunity, and healthy hormone support.
Amino Acid L-Theanine: helps create a sense of relaxed wakefulness, calms nervous, anxious energy, encourages Alpha Brain Waves and targets deep, restful sleep
Passionflower Extract Passiflora Incarnata: traditionally used to relieve anxiety and to relieve insomnia.