Designed as a powerful reminder to be Happy, Brave and Grateful this luxurious Mindfulness Candle Collection is infused with three divine signature scents to strength and warmth, empower and make for a beautiful gift too!


The GINGER&ME Gifting and Body Collection, carefully crafted to elevate gifting from ‘the thought that counts’ to thoughtful, harmoniously blend the practice of Mindfulness with the strength of the Sisterhood to extend a message of empowerment to be Brave, Grateful and Happy.

Timeless symbols of love and support, and the perfect gifts for when words fail, distance separates or celebrations are in order.



Life is made of ups and downs
Complicated twists and turns
Tears of happiness and tears of sadness
Heartache and joy
Of what is fair and unfair
It can be hard to say goodbye and harder to let go
It may be difficult to accept what is out of your control
But you must keep fighting
You have been gifted a journey
And no matter how hard it gets you must not give up
If you can change things, step up and take action
And if you cannot, accept them and move on
You are not alone
Believe in yourself
You are strong
You’ve got this