Simplify your routine. Aspect Sun Tinted Physical Sun Protection is a multi-tasking tinted mineral sunscreen providing broad spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 50+ protection while helping to even out skin tone for a flawless canvas.

This mineral sunscreen combines Zinc Oxide with Argan Oil and Gotu Kola extract to soothe, protect and assist with minimising the harsh ageing effects of UV exposure. Invisible on the skin thanks to the colour-correcting tint with a sheer finish, it’s perfect for wearing on its own or as a base for makeup.

Key features of Aspect Sun Tinted Physical SPF 50+

Tinted mineral sunscreen
Two-in-one sun protection and tinted makeup base
Colour-correcting tint helps to even out skin tone
80 minutes water resistant
Broad spectrum UVA and UVB 50+ protection
Helps minimise the ageing effects of UV exposure
Sheer finish
Paraben free
Benzophenone free
Free of Synthetic Fragrance, Animal Products and SLS
Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

What are the key ingredients in Aspect Sun Tinted Physical SPF 50+?

Zinc Oxide (22.7%): Provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection while protecting the skin from external free radicals.

Argan oil: Nourishes skin to support the skin barrier.

Gotu Kola (Centella) plant extract: helps protect against environmental damage.

How to use Aspect Sun Tinted Physical SPF 50+

Apply after moisturiser, liberally and evenly to unprotected areas of the skin 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. Re-apply every 2 hours or more frequently after exercise, perspiration, swimming, and towel drying. Always wear protective clothing, a hat and eyewear when exposed to the sun and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

The Important Bits you need to know about this oh-so-fab SPF product:

For children under six months of age, consult with your family physician before use.

Sun Protection Measures: Spending time in the sun increases your risk of skin cancer and early skin aging. To decrease this risk, regularly use a sunscreen with a Broad-Spectrum

To further mitigate the risks of sun exposure, wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, hats, and sunglasses.

Apply 20 minutes before sun exposure. Sunscreen is only one part of sun protection so wear protective clothing and seek shade. Avoid prolonged sun exposure. Reapply every 2 hours and after swimming, towelling and perspiring in accordance with directions.