Illuminate and revitalise with skin-loving serums that help to visibly plump and even skin tone. Enjoy two serums at a discounted price.

Aspect Extreme C 20 30ml: is a vitamin C serum that tackles just about every sign of dermal ageing you care to imagine and does so from every conceivable angle, thanks to an exclusive breakthrough combination of cutting edge amino peptides, face-saving Vitamin C and skin energising extracts.

Aspect Hydrating Serum 30ml: is a lightweight, fast-absorbing serum that is the perfect addition to any skin care regiment. Its super-hydrating properties make Hydrating Serum a suitable alternative to a cream-based moisturiser for those with oily skin, as well as the ideal choice for those with extremely dry, dehydrated and devitalised skin. This serum will lock in moisture on multiple levels of the skin to leave the skin feeling hydrated, plump and healthy.