We use The Gel Bottle Gel Polishes. They are rich, highly pigmented, chip-resistant and offer extreme long lasting shine. They are also VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE and 10-FREE (these products don’t contain formaldehyde, Dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin or camphor).

  • Gel Application Fingers or Toes – $50
  • Gel Pedicure – $90
  • Gel Manicure – $80
  • Gel Removal Only – $15
  • File, Buff + Polish – $35
  • Polish Application Only – $15

BIAB Nails

BIAB stands for ‘builder in a bottle’, and is also referred to as ‘builder gel’.

With builder gel, you can create the same look, hardness and strength as acrylic or SNS nails, without damaging the natural nail underneath.

BIAB is a gel product, but it cures hard under an LED light and is more durable than your regular gel.

  • BIAB Application – $80

Includes preparation of cuticle area, E-File preparation on natural nails, BIAB application of your choice and finishing with cuticle oil.

  • BIAB Remove + Re-Application – $100

Includes removal of existing BIAB, preparation of cuticle area, E-File preparation of natural nail, new application of your choice of BIAB and finishing with cuticle oil.

  • BIAB Removal – $30

Removal of existing BIAB. File and Buff of nails and finishing off with Cuticle Oil.

  • Chrome Application – $15

Chrome powder is a special type of powder that gives your nails a glossy, metallic look.

  • French Application – $15
  • Nail Art – $15